We offer lots of hikes starting from one to fifteen days so you can choose among them. There are simple ones that suit different ages. The average of walking hours ranges from 5 to 7 hours as you can enjoy the surroundings.

Here is a sample for some hikes:
1. Mt. Sinai (Gebel Musa) and St. Catherine's Monastery program
2. Mount Catherine program
3. The Coloured Canyon program

Featured trekking program

Saint Catherine - Mt. Sinai (Gebel Musa) - Wadi Al Arbain - Mt Catherine - Wadi Zawateen - Geba Abbas Basha (Mount of king Abbas) - Wadi jibaal - Gebal Al Bab - Farsh Al Rommana - Al Galt Al Azrak - Wadi Tenya - Gebal Naaga - Wadi Itlah - Nagb Al Al Hawa - Al Sheik Awad - Al Karm Ecolodge

Program details

Visit the monastery of St. Catherine and then walk through Wadi Al Arbain passing the Rock of Moses (Hajar Musa)and the twelve springs of water which are dry now, then climbing Mt. Sinai (Gebel Musa) to watch the sunset, and go down to the camp next to the Monastery of the Forty Martyrs (Deir Arbain).

Climbing Mt. Catherine, the highest mountain in Egypt, where you can see the Gulf of Suez and Alaqaba and watch the Church of St. Catherine,Then going down through Wadi Al Shagg for overnight.

Day 3:
Passing by Wadi Zawatin ,where timeless olive trees grow, up to the Mount of Abbas Pasha, built by King Abbas in the 19th century.

Day 4:
This day is like the scenery from the window of a plane where you can see the valleys of great heights. It is really one of the most beautiful landscapes and is called Bab Al Donia which means the door of the world. Then return to farsh Al Rommana to spend overnight.

Day 5:
We move to Al Galt Al Azrak where the natural running water is going through natural granite rocks that reveals the greatness of the place. There you can take a refreshing midday bath. Then passing through Farsh Om Sela that looks like runway rocks. And the magnificent natural beauty. Down to Wadi Tenia to spend overnight there.

Day 6:
Climbing Gabel Naaga ( Mt Naaga) Where the amazing panorama of the details of the valleys and crevices and watch Valley Gardens. Then go back and stay overnight in Wadi Itlah.

Day 7:
Passing Through naqb Al Hawa, where beautiful rocks and palms and giant solid rocks spread everywhere. Reaching Sheikh Awad, the old houses and source of the tribe ,Then to Al Karm for food. Finally, return to the town by jeep and the end of the journey.

Note: if you want to go hiking with your family or have a special hike with some requirements, please tell us in advance.
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