We recommend using the wonderful 'Bedouin Camp' in St Catherine as the perfect base to begin and end your Sinai experience. The Bedouin Camp is clean, comfortable and boasts St Katherines best restaurant, serving a variety of Bedouin, Egyptian and Western meals.

We are also proud to boast of a very close association with the wonderful El Karm ecolodge, located just outside St Catherine. This ecolodge is run by local Bedouin and provides comfortable accommodation and wonderful local food with the customary Bedouin hospitality. The peace and tranquillity of the ecolodge makes a stay an absolute must. We would be happy to make reservations, and arrange transportation to the ecolodge for you.

We can also make reservations for you at the Mt Sina ecolodge, located within walking distance of the famous Mt Sinai and St Katherine's monastery.

If you require more accommodation, elsewhere in Sinai, then we will be happy to recommend other options and make the bookings for you. We have experience of booking accommodation at beach camps in Nuweiba, and hotels in Dahab.

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