Our treks in Sinai are guided by 'Ragab Eid', who was born in Sheikh Awad when his mother was shepherding the goats, she could not get to the hospital in time so he was born in a cave. He grew up near St Katherine's. Then he started to work as a local guide on the High Mountain trekking.

"I like being in the mountains because this is where I was born it is quite you can find yourself and I am able to unwind. I have learnt much about the animals the plants and the mountains history. The mountains are my true home" says Ragab.

Darb (Arabic: درب), is an ancient bedouin word means ( track ) . As It's well known that Sinai is the strategic link between Africa and Asia , So many traders and travellers took it as their way to cross between the two continents , Such as pilgrims from Africa to Mecca or to Jordan . It Had many tracks and all were called droop Sina (Sinai tracks)